Wellness for your body
Wellness for your body

Cherry sensation - price: € 90

Enrich your skin with the vitamins of the cherry, and enjoy the hydration, softness and fragrance of this treatment consisting of: Oil massage supplemented with cherry pindas, exfoliation deep body, vitamin and nutrient wrapping, relaxing shower of hydromassage and aromatic hydration of cherry.

Ritual of bamboo - price: € 90

Revitalize your body and relax your mind, through a complete peeling, a body sculptor massage with bamboo reeds of an effect draining and invigorating toner, an aromatic wrapping based on plants and algae, ending with the relaxation that a massage provides.

Aloe experience - price: € 70

Our best recommendation for after the sun, to heal and regenerate the cells of the skin. A 100% natural treatment consisting of a wrapping of the purest aloe vera, and a very moisturizing back massage.

Fangos del Atlántico - price: € 60

Therapeutic mud mix: purifying white mud. refreshing green mud, rejuvenating black mud.

Madness of Praliné - price: € 80

Feel the pleasure of chocolate through a body massage, a delicious wrapping that melts with your skin, and hydration with mousse of cacao.

Polynesian ritual - price: € 80

Hawaiian smells and lomi-lomi massage.