We offer a wide variety of massages:

Relax 25 min - price: 40 € /50 min - price: 65 €

Everything you need to disconnect and release tension.

Chiromassage 25 min - price: 50 € // 55 min - price: 75 €

Restorative and analgesic massage, recommended for those suffering from muscle discomfort.

Anti-cellulite 45 min - price 60 €

Energy massage for the dissolution of fat nodules. The problem area is affected.

Tired legs 20 min - price: 35 €

Immediately calm your tired legs and feet. Ideal for people with circulation problems and swelling.

Facial skull 20 min - price: 35 €

Relieves tensions that build up in the head and shoulders area. It can be given as a perfect complement to any massage or to the oxygen capsule.

Foot reflexology 30 min - price: 40 €

Foot massage in which they stimulate certain points to treat different areas of the body, also inducing well-being and relaxation.

Abhyanga - price: 95 €

Based on ayurvedic therapies, guide body, mind and spirit towards balance and well-being.