Our gastronomy
Our gastronomy

In Cádiz the gastronomy is very varied and the product is fresh and of quality. Here we show you the most typical dishes of Cádiz. Take a look at them and try them during your visit to the city!

- Shrimp omelette
- Potatoes with cuttlefish
- Pescaíto frito (fried fish)
- Urta a la Roteña
- Marinated dogfish
- Red tuna
- Mojama
- Mackerel with piriñaca
- Eggs and small squid
- Tuna in tomato sauce
- Chicken in tomato sauce
- Cabrillas in tomato
- Blood in tomato
- Tagarninas stew
- Pork rinds
- Payoyo cheese
- Potatoes with seasoning
- Menudo