Beauty rituals
Beauty rituals

The best facial and body treatments:

Relax & Clean - price: € 50
Deep cleansing treatment to purify the skin of toxins and Comedones. Unique hydration and freshness.

Nature Aloe - price: 50 €
The best of rosehip and the most pure aloe vera for your skin. Regenerating, soothing, refreshing, healing, analgesic and anti-acne.

O2 (pure oxygen) - price: 65 €
A pure oxygen session returns elasticity and regenerates the more damaged cells of your face providing luminosity and acting as a beauty flash.

Kobido - price: 40 €
Facial massage with oriental techniques.

Timexpert - price: 70 €
Lifting without surgery. Give your face firmness through a ritual of the most pleasant. Corrective treatment of wrinkles and lines expression.

C-plus Energy for men - price: 35 €
Anti-aging and energizing treatment for men.

Eyelift - price: 35€

Specific treatment for eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles.